We proudly present to you one of the largest and finest range of Ceylon Cinnamon products. These products which are naturally processed and carefully packed are put through a stringent quality control process so as to ensure high quality standards are maintained right through the production, processing and packaging stages. The range of products includes Pure Ceylon Cinnamon in bulk and in a variety of value-added forms.

Cinnamon Grades / Forms

  • Cinnamon Bale Form
    • Alba, C5 Special, C5, C4, C3, M5,M4, H1, H2, H3.
  • Cinnamon Cut Form
    • Alba, C5 Special, C4, C3, M5, M4, H1, H2, Offcut.
  • Cinnamon Quillings
    • Super Fine Quillings, Qullings No.1, Quillings FAQ.
  • Cinnamon Powder
    • Super Fine, Medium. (Differs according to Mesh sizes.)
  • Essential Oils
    • Cinnamon Bark Oil
    • Cinnamon Leaf Oil
    • Citronella Oil
  • Cinnamon Chips


This very special cut of cinnamon is a novel product that has been exclusively launched by Virgin Cinnamon International (Pvt) Ltd. It goes along with our concept of offering high quality cut cinnamon quills without the filling. This helps us to avoid possible contamination or adulteration during the filling process. Hence Virgin Special cinnamon quills are lighter, sans any filling, and allows seeing through the hollow spirals.

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It is a prized grade of Ceylon Cinnamon that is by-far the most expensive. It is slender and brittle and abounds with a sweet taste, pleasant aroma and a powerful flavor.



This grade of Ceylon Cinnamon is highly sought after for its character, taste, smell and excellent flavor.



This highly sought after grade of Ceylon Cinnamon is smooth and slender in appearance, sweet in taste with a deep yellow colour.



This is a popular grade that is greatly in demand for its smoothness, exquisite fragrance, pale yellow colour and sweet taste.



It is relatively rougher in texture and thinner in appearance.



This is made up of chosen parts of high quality cinnamon.



It is made up of the most expensive components of the rough Cinnamon bark



Consists largely (up to 90%) of golden yellow Cinnamon quills of high quality.



Mainly consists of the less brittle quills of H2 grade


No. 1 Quillings

This grade mainly consist of larger quillings that result from the baling process


No. 2 Quillings

This grade consists of smaller quillings that result from the baling process


Cut Cinnamon

This mainly consists of perfectly cut bundles of Ceylon Cinnamon of any desired grade


Cinnamon Powder

Ceylon Cinnamon of any grade, finely powdered to any required mesh size.


Cinnamon Leaves

Available fresh or dried in any quantity to be used for food preparations.


Cinnamon Leaf Oil

 Concentrated Pure Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil contains a high percentage of Cinnamon Eugenol.


Cinnamon Bark Oil

Concentrated Pure Ceylon Cinnamon bark oil contains a high percentage of Cinnamon Aldehyde.

If you have any specific requirements or customized orders

please contact us.